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Meet Ms. Continental Worldwide
Misti Nordstrom

Misti Nordstrom was crowned

Ms. Continental Worldwide on July 30, 2022

Misti has been an advocate for organ donation registration and an ambassador for New England Donor Services for over a decade, using her voice and beautiful crowns to raise awareness for organ donation registration.  With the goal of increasing donor registration rates in the United States from 58% to 75%, Misti has traveled to various states and met with leaders from businesses and government to develop policies that raise awareness and provide support to donor families and recipients.


Misti became an advocate after losing her brother and only sibling, John Gregory Michael, at the young age of 23 from a motorcycle accident. He was a registered organ and tissue donor, which inspired Misti to honor his legacy by making this mission her life’s purpose. Misti has served as an advocate by sharing her personal story, her family’s journey of acceptance and healing, and her personal discovery of what it means to be part of a donor family.   

Misti and her husband, Daniel will celebrate 25 years of marriage on Valentine’s Day this year!  Misti says that she knew he would be her husband the moment they met. They were engaged after just one month of dating and are the proud parents to daughters Hannah (23) and Ireland (16). “Being a parent is the most fulfilling role. When I became a mother, that is the moment I will never forget. It truly is a miracle to know that our love has brought two incredible young women into this world. It comes with daily sacrifice and dedication, but being parents to our girls is really what has brought us closer to each other. We appreciate the gift that God has given us and never take it for granted.” 

Appearances & Goals as

  Ms. Continental Worldwide

In the first few months as Ms. Continental Worldwide, Misti has been a featured guest on radio shows, television broadcasts, and has been a featured speaker at a national conference for Donate Life America. A former signed model with Dynasty Models in Boston, Massachusetts, Misti has enjoyed modeling for fashion shows that have raised money and awareness for a variety of causes. Most notably, Misti recently modeled fashions from a Parisian Fashion designer for an event to stop human trafficking and has supported sister queens with efforts to raise funds for environmental efforts. Misti is currently involved in a campaign to collect toys and medical supplies for a hospital in Bizana, South Africa.  Misti will soon be featured in newspapers in South Africa as she has been recognized as the spokesperson for this campaign, communicating with government leaders all over the world. One special moment that Misti has named as life changing so far since being named Ms. Continental Worldwide is when she had the honor to meet the oldest face transplant recipient in the USA. Seeing how the power of science and generosity from organ donors can provide a second chance at life is extremely inspiring. Misti has recently been named Advocate for Life of the Year for her humanitarian efforts that extend internationally.

“My future plans for this year as Ms. Continental Worldwide include my continued advocacy for organ donation registration. My calendar is filling up and I am excited to serve the international community with everything I have. One initiative I am working on includes bringing educational resources into high schools throughout the country that include factual information, science, and statistics related to organ donation, allowing young people to make the best and informed decision when it comes to registering as potential donors.”

Recently approached by a world- renowned production company, Misti will soon be recording and releasing an anti-bullying music video that will be highlighted in various schools across the country and overseas. Working with young people for so many years, Misti recognizes the serious impact that bullying has on young people and is excited to lend her passion for singing and performing for such a valuable project. Stay tuned to see this professional production come to fruition, a childhood dream Misti has always had.

With thanks

Misti and her family are full of gratitude for all of the amazing opportunities that have become available this year, and would like to thank Loreen Olney and everyone at Continental Worldwide Pageants for this life changing year!

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