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2023 Pageant Results


  • Miss Continental Worldwide 2024: Dana Henry, Miss North Dakota

  • Miss USA 2024: Allison Biehn, Miss Utah

  • First Runner-Up: Danielle Cox, Miss USA

  • Second Runner-Up: Kandice Hyatt, Miss Rocky Mountains

  • Third Runner-Up: Rosie Hinton, Miss California



  • Ms. Continental Worldwide 2024: Maggie Lemay, Ms. New Hampshire

  • Ms. USA 2024: Kimberly Reece, Ms. Iowa

  • First Runner-Up: Stephanie Griffin, Ms. American West

  • Second Runner-Up: Bretta Provost, Ms. Idaho

  • Third Runner-Up: Trina Kinyon, Ms. Rocky Mountains


  • Mrs. Continental Worldwide 2024: Raychelle Jackson, Mrs. New Jersey

  • Miss USA 2024: Lora Forbush, Mrs. USA

  • First Runner-Up: Mandy Turner, Mrs. Southwest

  • Second Runner-Up: Stacey Bruss, Mrs. Midwest

  • Third Runner-Up: Emily Kenniston, Mrs. Pennsylvania

PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Chelsea Roberts, Mrs. Oregon


SOCIAL MEDIA QUEEN: Chelsea Roberts, Mrs. Oregon

CONGENIALITY: Kevi Berger, Mrs. Montana

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