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Competing in 2023


You have the option to claim your state or regional title as an appointed candidate! This is a great option for prospects who either do not have a pageant in their state or do not live close enough to their regional pageant to attend. We appoint these titles based on application. 

With a state or regional title, you will receive...Aside from instant celebrity:

  • A beautiful, full circle crown (Miss division crown pictured right);

  • Sparkly, custom embroidered, rhinestone sash;

  • Crown pin;

  • Your entry fees paid to the national competition;

  • Full-page ad in the program book;

  • Most meals during pageant weekend;

  • A fabulous swag bag on check-in/orientation day;

  • Recognition on the  Continental Worldwide Pageant's social media pages
    so you can raise awareness for your platform prior to the national


We will also hold virtual workshops to help you hone your nationals performance. Appointed state and regional titles are $999.




  • Miss Division: The Miss division is open to women who are ages 21 to 39 who are married, unmarried, divorced or widowed; with or without children. You must be 21 years old by the date of competition and not turn 40 by date of competition.

  • Ms. Division: The Ms. division is open to women who are age 40+ who are married, unmarried, divorced or widowed; with or without children. Ms. is EVERY woman! You must be 40 by date of competition.

  • Mrs. Division: The Mrs. division is open to married women 21+ with or without children. You must be 18 and married by date of competition.


Women in all three divisions (Miss, Ms. and Mrs.) will compete in the following areas of competition:

  • Interview - 30%

  • Fitness Wear - 20% (no swimsuit)

  • Runway Fashion - 20%

  • Evening Gown - 30%

  • On-Stage Question (Finalists Only) - 5 points

National Ms. Crown

APPOINTED NATIONAL TITLES (International & Puerto Rico)

These titles go to women all over the world where we may not YET have a pageant. To be awarded an appointed national title from another country, you may either live in that country, or have a hereditary connection. These titles are awarded based on application. There is no appointed national title for Miss, Ms. or Mrs. USA. The benefit of a national title is that it is good for the entire calendar year, so if the Continental Worldwide title eludes you at the pageant in July, you will continue to be Miss, Ms. or Mrs. Finland, for example, through 12/31/23!

Appointed national titles receive all of the above with an upgraded, national crown (Ms. division crown pictured right); beautiful double rhinestone (front and back) sash. Appointed national titles are $1125.

State Miss Division Crown


  • You must reside or own property in the state or region you choose to represent.

  • For International Candidates: You must either live in, or have a hereditary connection to, the nation you choose to represent.

  • You must be the correct age for your division by the date of the competition.

  • You must be a naturally-born female.

  • You must be of good moral character.

  • You may not compete in other systems while you are a Continental Worldwide title holder.

  • Please see our Terms & Conditions on our FAQ's page for further information.



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