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Pageant Information


You have the option to claim your state, regional or national title as an appointed candidate! We appoint these titles based on application. All appointed titles are $1399. There is a $100 fee, to secure your title which you will pay upon application. This is applied to your entry fees. You can pay the balance of your entry fees on the Payments page. NOTE: Our entry fees are inclusive of all pageant events including your full-page ad. You are responsible for your travel and lodging. 

With your title, you will receive...Aside from instant celebrity:

  • A beautiful, full circle crown (Miss division crown pictured right);

  • Sparkly, custom embroidered, rhinestone sash;

  • Crown pin;

  • Full-page ad in the program book;

  • Most meals during pageant weekend;

  • A fabulous welcome bag on check-in/orientation day;

  • Recognition on the  Continental Worldwide Pageant's social media pages
    to help you raise awareness for your platform prior to the international

Titles Crowned on Pageant Night:

  • Miss, Ms. & Mrs. USA* (Next highest score to Continental Worldwide who is representing a state or US region.)

  • Miss, Ms. & Mrs. Global Ambassador* (Next highest to Continental Worldwide who is representing a country)

  • Miss, Ms. & Mrs. Continental Worldwide (Overall winners)


Tentative Schedule:

  • DAY 1, Thursday: 

    • Orientation - 9:30 AM​

    • Kendra Scott Party - 12 PM (subject to change)

    • Diamonds & Pearls Gala

  • DAY 2, Friday:​

    • Interviews - 9:30 AM ​

    • Popcorn & PJs Party (Movie night & activities) - (Subject to change) 7 PM

  • DAY 3, Saturday:​

    • Rehearsals at Rose Wagner - 10 AM​

    • Show Time - 6:30 PM

All ladies who pay the $1399 entry fee compete for the Continental Worldwide titles. If you would like to also be in the running for a USA title, please continue reading! You can only compete for the USA title if you are not already representing another country.



There are no appointed titles for Miss, Ms. or Mrs. USA. These are won on pageant night. The ladies who are representing US states or regions with the next highest overall scores after the Continental Worldwide titles, who are entered to compete for a USA title, will be crowned on pageant night.


USA Winners receive:

  • USA crown

  • Custom-embroidered sash with two rows of rhinestones

  • Entry fees paid to compete again for the Continental Worldwide titles

  • Trophy

  • Title jacket

  • And, more!



Our Miss, Ms. and Mrs. Global Ambassadors serve as the goodwill ambassadors of the Continental Worldwide Pageant. Chosen for their international appeal, their focus is on service, spreading positivity and representing the Continental Worldwide brand. These international titles are awarded to women representing their countries who have the next highest score to the Continental Worldwide winners. 


Global Ambassadors receive:

  • Global Ambassador crown, which stands a glorious 5.25-inches high and sparkles with both clear and AB crystals. It features large, pearl cabochons in keeping with our customary pearl crowns.

  • Custom-embroidered sash with two rows of AB crystals (on each side)

  • Crystal Globe trophy

  • Title jacket

  • And, more!



  • Miss Division: The Miss division is open to women who are ages 18 to 39 who are married, unmarried, divorced or widowed; with or without children. You must be 18 years old by the date of competition and not turn 40 by date of competition.

  • Ms. Division: The Ms. division is open to women who are age 40+ who are married, unmarried, divorced or widowed; with or without children. Ms. is EVERY woman! You must be 40 by date of competition.

  • Mrs. Division: The Mrs. division is open to married women 18+ with or without children. You must be 18 and married by date of competition.


Women in all three divisions (Miss, Ms. and Mrs.) compete in the following areas of competition:

  • Interview - 50% (25% interview/25% overall appearance)

  • Fitness Wear - 25% (no swimsuit)

  • Evening Gown - 25%

  • On-Stage Question (Finalists Only) - 5 points


  • Entry Fee: $1399

  • Ad Page: $100

  • People's Choice for Charity Minimum: $50 (Proceeds benefit The Heart of Minky Couture)

  • Sell a minimum of 4 theater tickets or 8 livestream tickets, or a combination to meet sale goal



  • You must reside or own property in the state or region you choose to represent. We may make exceptions to this rule.

  • For national title candidates: You must either live in, or have a hereditary connection to, the nation you choose to represent.

  • You must be the correct age for your division by the date of the competition.

  • You must be a naturally-born female.

  • You must be of good moral character.

  • You may not compete in other systems while you are a Continental Worldwide titleholder.

  • Please see our Terms & Conditions on our FAQ's page for further information.

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